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Image by Lukas Blazek
About SETI

Our business process is in tune with our way of life. We are a leading company in Slovenia, specialized in the production of tabletop products. Our niche is the production of napkins, table covers, and coasters, thus we focus on customers who have the most direct benefit from our unique services, which results in the success of our business.

Our advantages

What sets us apart is our high-quality technology that focuses on two main intertwining processes - production flexibility and individual customer need fulfillment. We use top quality Airlaid material for manufacturing our products, which possesses the advantage of being highly absorbent, has a textile-like appearance, and has the option of folding for decoration purposes. 

When it comes to producing our products, our modern technology, resources as well as our own innovative solutions, ensure maximum productivity within the production process, affordable pricing and catering to our customer's needs.

Go Team
The safest company

SETI has been declared the safest company for risk assessment for eight years consecutively, in accordance with the directive based on the Basel II agreement, which is the basis for making important decisions in the European Union banks.

However, the implementation of our strategy and the achievement of our efficiency, can't be expected, if the company does not mobilize the most valuable, but too often neglected aspects: human potential - human capital of a company.

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